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Who we are

AgriBio Servizi SRL operates in the organic and biodynamic agriculture sector. The strategy consists of three fundamental points: technical, training and commercial.

A) Technical assistance specialized in organic and biodynamic agriculture to associated companies with related experiments on topics of greatest interest in collaboration with local and territorial bodies.

B) Professional Training Institution , through courses, stages, conferences, guided tours on topics related to agriculture, health, nutrition and other related topics. Every year at the headquarters from September to July "The Agriculture of Tomorrow" takes place, a residential course, unique in Italy, on biodynamic agriculture with national and international experts. Periodic dissemination of news from the world of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

C) Marketing of organic and biodynamic products, assistance in the sale of the products of the producer members, supply of technical means, biodynamic preparations, bulbs, seeds and certified seedlings.

They can become members of Agri.Bio. all those who are interested in having healthy, high quality food in a clean and vital environment. On this site you can find EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING, what you need about organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Thanks to the experience and work of these 23 years of Agri.Bio, for the first time you will be able to find on the site and have directly at your home:

 Books

 Horticultural seeds

 Fruits and vegetables

 Food

 Wines and drinks

 Body and home care

 Seeding cereals

 Bulbs and seedlings

 Fertilizers

 Biodynamic preparations

 Defense products

 Technical Assistance

 Scam-Bio (direct exchange of food and non-food products)

 Unmissable offers every month

 News

At exceptional prices you will find the best of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture produced by our members and selected by us specifically for you.

Visit it and buy what you need directly.

For any information call 0173 70407, fax 0173 72994, or email ordini@agribio.email

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