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55 - Blood is a very peculiar juice - Rudolf Steiner

The function of blood in human organization and its spiritual aspects.


Publisher: Libreria Editrice Psiche


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55 - Blood is a very peculiar juice - Rudolf Steiner


What is the peculiarity of the prodigious juice that feeds the life of animals and men? Rudolf Steiner explains it to us in his conference held in Berlin on 25 October 1906:

«Everything that is found regarding blood in the sagas and in the ancient conceptions of the world is of great importance, because in those very ancient times there was a wisdom that knew well about blood, that peculiar juice which is human life itself which flows, and its importance to the world. ...It must be indicated that man consists of physical body, etheric body, astral body and Ego, that is, of the true interior life; that in this inner life there are the seeds of the three further steps of evolution which will arise from the blood, namely for manas, budhi and atma, or in modern words for "spiritual self" (manas), as opposed to the corporeal self, "vital spirit" (budhi), "spiritual man" (atma). ...Blood is the expression of the individualized etheric body, just as the brain and spinal cord are an expression of the individualized astral body. Through this individualization what is expressed in the Ego is born. ...Blood is the expression of the Self"

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