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110- Spiritual hierarchies and their reflection in the physical world. Zodiac - planets - cosmos - Rudolf Steiner

«The ancient writings often indicate immense abysses of human wisdom. The teaching that from now on must penetrate all humanity, starting from the sources of the secret schools, from the mysteries, will make the ancient wisdom of which we now see only a glimmer shine in all its light and grandeur."

The original cosmic wisdom / The oriental doctrine of Fire / Formation of the first animal figures / Evolution from the ancient Saturn to the future Vulcan. Formation of the zodiac / The corporeity of the angelic hierarchies / The Milky Way / The future of the Earth.


Düsseldorf, 12 April 1909, afternoon
The ancient wisdom. The Dzyan Stanzas by HP Blavatsky. The doctrine of the Rosicrucians. Buddhism and Christianity. The planets and spiritual hierarchies. Copernican mythology. The hierarchies of Dionysius the Aeropagite and the planets. A motto from the Bhagavad-Gita.

Düsseldorf, 12 April 1909, evening
The eastern doctrine of fire. Interpretation of the motto of the Bhagavad-Gita.

Düsseldorf, 13 April 1909, morning
The life of the Archai on ancient Saturn and that of the Archangels on the ancient Sun.

Düsseldorf, 13 April 1909, evening
Saturn's heat comes from the Thrones. The help of the Cherubim to the Archangels living in the light of the ancient Sun. The names of the zodiac. The first animal forms by the Cherubim in the nights of the Sun.

Düsseldorf, 14 April 1909
The evolution from Saturn to Vulcan. Zodiac formation. Plans for a new solar system arise from the Trinity; the first hierarchy processes them in reality. The school demonstration. The Kyriotetes condense Saturn into the Sun, and the Dynameis the Sun into the Moon. The planets, remnants of the struggle in the skies. The extension of ancient Saturn to present Saturn, of ancient Sun to present Jupiter, and of ancient Moon to Mars.

Düsseldorf, 15 April 1909
Angels guide human individuality from one incarnation to another; the Archangels are Spirits of peoples, the Archai Spirits of time; the Exusiai lead humanity to the Jupiter state. The Copernican system and that of spiritual science. The sphere of influence of the different hierarchies. The children of Venus and Mercury were the ancient teachers of humanity.

Düsseldorf, 16 April 1909
The corporeality of the Angels in the water, of the Archangels in the air, of the Archai in the fire. Sons of Venus lead the Lemurian migrations. Spirits of Mercury act in Atlantis. The Manu preserves the etheric bodies of the Atlantean oracles and transmits them to the seven rickshaws. The action of the Angels in the post-Atlantean era. Dhyani-buddha, bodhisattva, buddha.

Düsseldorf, 17 April 1909
The ancient Saturn is formed by the Thrones in the sign of Leo, the Sun in the sign of the Eagle (Scorpio) by the Kyriotetes, the Moon by the Dynameis in Aquarius, the Earth in Taurus.

Düsseldorf, 18 April 1909, morning
The formation of current Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The milky way. Adam Cadmon and the Zodiac. Fertilization. Development from creature to creator. Transformation of astral body into manas, of etheric body into budhi, of physical body into atma. Zarathustra and Hermes.

Düsseldorf, 18 April 1909, evening
The future of the Earth. The crystal clear sky. Uranus and Neptune. The life of the first hierarchy with the vision of the Divinity, of the second in its manifestations. The spirits of obstacle and evil. Michael's fight with the dragon. Christ penetrates into the self. Man's redemption of Lucifer. Man brings freedom and love to the world. The tenth hierarchy.

Düsseldorf, 21 April 1909
Space, creation of the Trinity. Birth of time. Ahrimanic spirits. The Elohim and Christ, their guide. The Asuras. Defense against black magic. Animal group anime. The mythological gods were Angels in Atlantis. The animal group souls on Jupiter. Prenatal education. Ties of blood and karma. Pain necessary for knowledge.

Düsseldorf, 22 April 1909
Job. Occult doctrine of sounds. Atlanteans used plant energy. Hidden numbers. The canals of Mars.


Publisher:Anthroposophical Publishing


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110- Spiritual hierarchies and their reflection in the physical world. Zodiac - planets - cosmos - Rudolf Steiner



Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, architect and reformist. He was the founder of anthroposophy, an esoteric current that mixes various dictates of the theosophical and German philosophical-idealist schools of the time. From the early years of his cultural education, Steiner aspired to find the perfect synthesis between mysticism and science.

This continuous research led him, after obtaining his doctorate, to move from Vienna to Weimar to work at the Goethe und Schiller Archiv, the Goethe archive. This work allowed him to publish the essay "Introduction to Goethe's Scientific Writings" and to develop his personal vision of the world.

In 1894, he published his most important essay, "The Philosophy of Freedom", which proposed a revolutionary concept for the time: the discovery that thought can lead to the realization of the spirit of the world.

The tome did not achieve much success but Steiner had created a solid foundation for the knowledge of the spirit, and he felt able to carry out his research in this field without any hesitation. Furthermore, the work on "The Philosophy of Freedom" allowed him to solve a series of enigmas about existence that had persecuted him for some time.

The insights contained in "The Philosophy of Freedom" are the basis of Steiner's legacy and have contributed essentially to the development of modern sciences. In particular of Medicine. In fact, Steiner was responsible for the Waldorf school movement, which created an educational approach based on understanding and love.

Today, Waldorf schools are all over the world.

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