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The search for the new Isis, the divine Sophia - Rudolf Steiner

Always therebreathingit is an excellent tool for physical, mental and emotional self-control. We can actually consider it the first instrument ofNatural biohacking– the optimization of human potential –, even if it is often excluded from the equation that links health to the full expression of our body. In fact, if we now know the importance of healthy eating, hydrating or carrying out physical activity for our well-being, the same cannot be said about breathing, which instead is a constituent element of extraordinary health and vitality, capable of during the time.

The purpose of this guide is only one: practice.Leonardo Pelagottiprovides timely indications on how to best use breathing based on everyone's needs, their starting state and their objectives. The reader will learn thirty breathing techniques applied to nine key themes to better manage stress and emotions, optimize concentration, energy and sports performance, strengthen the immune system, facilitate meditation and the state of Flow.

Author:Leonardo Pelagotti

Publisher:Editions The Age of Aquarius

Pages 116


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The search for the new Isis, the divine Sophia - Rudolf Steiner

€12,00 EUR


For an understanding of eternal universal truths it is necessary to write poetry with the imagination, as the ancient Egyptians could do. Then the divine Sophia, the celestial wisdom, revealed herself to the shepherds and wise men of the East: today she has been lost in the universal ocean, in the stellar relationships seen only on the basis of mathematical lines.

Page 92

Publisher: Antroposofica Editrice

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